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Laila Rahal Head Of Protocol And Peace Mission

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شبكة فرح الاعلامية:

IIPL Selection Committee, including Muhammad Atta Ur Rehman (Pakistan) Chairman, Lady Mya Amarise (United Kingdom) Vice Chairperson, Madam Sajida Nawab (United Kingdom) CEO, Maria Ylikomi (Sweden) General Secretary, Dr. Kemal YILDIRIM (Turkey) International Executive Director, is pleased to announce appointment of the Most Honorable & Respectable and an International Public Figure, H.E Laila Rahal El Atfani from United Arab Emirates as HEAD OF PROTOCOL AND PEACE MISSION.

She is President & founder Business Gate & I AM AFRICA platform, Vice President the Voice Magazine, Founder & Vice President Refai NGO Switzerland, Vice present & founder Youth Gate Cambodia, President Women and youth Empowerment Anouar Association, Global President CEC – United Kingdom, Head of protocol And Diplomacy AACID and WPC. She is a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

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